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The Place To Be For UK Owner Trained Assistance Dog Handlers!

We are a place for like minded individuals who have owner trained their dog to be their assistance dog and for those who wish to start their journey.  All dogs are trained to a high standard using qualified dog trainers, each dog will go on to gain specialist training and experience before their final assessment where they can graduate.

For disabled people, an assistance dog can make the difference of being able to live a fulfilled life or having to quietly make do.  Sadly for many trained assistance dogs are not available due to the overwhelming need versus the number of trained assistance dogs available.  Many others do not qualify for an assistance dog due to where they live or because their disability is not covered.  For those the only option left is to owner train an assistance dog.  This can be very daunting and many feel very alone.  Having experienced this myself, I decided to form Sherlock Hounds Assistance Dogs.  My vision was to create a safe community for those that wish to take on the task of owner training where they have support, knowledge sharing and help but whilst keeping expenditure to a minimum for the handler.

What does it take to be an assistance dog handler?

Training any dog, especially an assistance dog, requires absolute consitency, determination, hard work and time.  This will continue once your dog has qualified.


How long does it take to train an assistance dog?

When training with Sherlock Hounds you must complete a minimum of 120 hours of training over a minimum period of 18 months before you can apply to take your public access assesment.


How will I know my dog is trained to a high enough standard?

Each dog will need to take assessments on their dogs obedience training, the most common being the Kennel Clubs Good Citizens Dog Scheme (KC GCDS), once the team has achieved all levels they will then need to take a Public Access Assessment, your trainer should be able to say when they think your dog will be ready.  On top of this your dog must reliably be able to perform a minimum of 3 tasks that help to mitigate their handlers disabilities.

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